This checklist is  a guide to ensure that prospective customers

understand our business model before joining the network.

Ask yourself the following questions anytime you finish talking to a prospect(potential customer).

  1. Does my prospect understand the service that we offer at Winvest Kapital Network
  2. Does my prospect know how often to expect videos as well as the total number of videos for the month
  3. Does my prospect fully understand how our affiliate marketing works
  4. Does my prospect understand the permanent up lines and down lines system and the role they play in our compensation plan
  5. Does the prospect fully understand the compensation plan
  6. Does the prospect already use the technology that will enable them access our mobile apps and web application
  7. Has the prospect been briefed on how to use our application to sign up and sign in
  8. Is the prospect aware of their 3% contribution to support the mentally challenged and disabled people
  9. Is the prospect aware that their payment is for a limited number of videos
  10. Does the prospect understand our payment system.


“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” — Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO, Marketoonist

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