“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain

In order for you to sell our digital product and reap all the intellectual and financial benefits, use the following strategy to get your down lines.


  1. Look through your current set of friends and write a minimum of 24 names you think will love to learn as they make an extra income.


  1. Introduce the opportunity to them by asking them whether they will love to make an extra $88.2 – $756 a month as they learn about personal development and financial literacy at the same time.


  1. Call those who express interest, if possible meet them physically and explain our business model to them. You can also create a common social media platform as a marketing tool to reach all your prospects.


  1. Explain our affiliate program/ compensation plan to them. In other words tell them how they will benefit by improving themselves and getting paid at the same time as they market our services.


  1. Make them understand that you believe in our business module 100% and that you will refund their money if they refer people yet are unable to get paid as promised.


  1. Take them through the registration process and get them to understand our virtual program.


  1. Help them to get their six people (down lines) as soon as practicable.


  1. Help them to leverage their already existing network of friends.


  1. Let them understand that they are registering to benefit from our training. If they want to benefit financially they must become affiliate marketers.


  1. Never be disturbed about those who reject the opportunity today. Hopefully they might join later. Never take rejection personal.

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