What is Winvest Kapital Network ?

Winvest Kapital Network(WKN) is a hub for personal development and financial literacy training. We run an online training program with a primary purpose of teaching varied lessons to our members through short videos/audios/write ups et cetera on our paid membership website.(


You will get inspired and make some money at the same time when you patronise our digital products on your phone or PC and refer your family and friends into our network.


We run the most rewarding affiliate program in the history of referral marketing(affiliate marketing) on the continent of Africa. As an affiliate marketer you are given a unique link to identify all your transactions on the website.


When you refer a minimum of  1 and a maximum of  6 people into our capacity building program, you make monthly earnings as an affiliate marketer of the program.


The IT environment makes it easy for members to sign up/register and transact business in the comfort of their homes, workplaces, or ‘on the go’ by the use of PCs and mobile devices devoid of the hassle of modern-day traffic congestion. It also encourages the use of mobile money, bank transfers, visa cards and other payment platforms.


30% of all our profits will be given back to society through our NGO(Odumanye Foundation). Our goal here is to help the mentally challenged, physically challenged and poor people in general by coming up with welfare schemes that will benefit some of the deprived people on the African Continent. You are also mandated to commit to helping society through our foundation by contributing 3% of your earnings to this course. Deduction  will be made from source.


We are also committed to partnering business start ups and continuing businesses through funding their expansion, operations, as well as coaching them into realising their business objectives.


Winvest Kapital Network is here to aid you accomplish  your God-given potential as you walk into financial freedom and impact the world.

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  • Business
  • Investing
  • Life Coach

We’re your personal development and financial literacy hub for all who want to make more money and impact the world

We thrive on our treasured network

We are a business that thrives on our network. Our life blood and business model thrives when we build a strong force field of members who are willing and able to sustain our network gains by participating in our training as well as referring their family and friends into our network.

We put a limit to your downlines because we want you to focus on helping your downlines to market our business model to their good friends.


Our goal is to build capacity in our chosen training areas at the same time we want to create a network of active 1 million people across the African Continent.


You will be rewarded intellectually and financially when you stay in the network and enjoy the benefits of the highest level of membership.

Goals For Our Training Program

  • Build the capacity of our members to understand personal development and financial literacy.
  • Inspire members to develop their potential
  • Inspire all members to become life-long learners.
  • Pay our members commission for marketing our services.
  • Create extra income for our members
  • Teach members about strategic investment.

Winvest Kapital Network- inspiring greatness