Compensation Plan

Affiliate Program (Compensation Plan)

Create an affiliate account to join our affiliate program as an affiliate marketer. If you are an affiliate marketer it means you are officially attached to our company. You work for us by marketing our business module to a maximum of 6 of your friends and family. We share our revenues with you for a good job done. Below is a table that shows the respective membership fees at the various levels, and earnings depending on your number of downlines.

Levels Monthly membership fees Number of downlines Monthly Earnings ($)
Level 1 Level 2 Level 2+
Level 1 $21 6 88.2 189 756
5 73.5 157 628
Level 2 $45 4 58.8 126 504
3 44.1 94.5 378
Level 2+ $180 2 29.4 63 252
1 14.7 31.5 126


  1. There are currently 3 levels of membership
  2. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 2+
  3. Monthly membership fees for level 1, level 2 and level 2+ are $21, $45 and $180 respectively.
  4. Membership fees are paid on a monthly basis
  5. You become an affiliate marketer by referring  a maximum 6 and minimum of 1 person to join the network.
  6. At level 1 you earn as much as $88.2  for 6 referrals.
  7. At level 2 you earn $189 for 6 referrals
  8. At level 2+ earnings are $756 for 6 referral
  9. For each of the levels, the table indicates the various amounts you will earn for 1-5 referrals.
  10. Membership fees are to be paid in dollars or local currency equivalent.
  11. Earnings are obtained monthly as long as your downlines remain in the network.
  12. Before upgrading to the next level your downlines must also be ready to  upgrade by paying the required membership fees.
  13. You are obliged to start from level 1 and you will be notified to upgrade to the next level in due course.
  14. The company will introduce other earning packages periodically.


Note: Members can only upgrade to the next level of the affiliate membership when they have benefited from their referrals, 3 successive times hopefully with the required maximum number of 6 down lines.

Winvest Kapital shares with you its revenue generated from your referrals. We give you 70% of revenues generated with your effort and keep the remaining for our operations cost. We believe there are more blessings in giving than receiving. As a result we give you more for choosing our network.

3% will be deducted from your earnings into our NGO(Odumanye Foundation) as your contribution to a worthy course.



Every affiliate marketer must go through this list when referring/introducing their family and friends into our business. A prospect is a potential customer to our business.

  1. Does my prospect understand the digital product  we offer at Winvest Kapital Network?
  2. Does my prospect know how often to expect videos/audio/write ups as well as the total number of videos for the month?
  3. Does my prospect fully understand how our affiliate marketing works?
  4. Does my prospect understand the permanent uplines and downlines system and the role they play in our compensation plan?
  5. Does the prospect fully understand the compensation plan for the different levels of membership?
  6. Does the prospect already use the technology that will enable them access our website?
  7. Has the prospect been briefed on how to get onto our website to sign up and sign in?
  8. Is the prospect aware of their 3% contribution to support the mentally challenged and disabled people?
  9. Is the prospect aware that their membership fees will be paid  monthly and  for a limited number of videos/audio/write up?
  10. Does the prospect understand that their earnings will be paid to their mobile phones if they stay in Ghana?
  11. Does the prospect understand that all affiliate  members residing outside Ghana will be paid through bank transfers?
  12. Have you advised your prospects to read the frequently asked questions on our website?
  13. Do tell your prospects/downlines that all other challenges beyond your understanding should be channelled to [email protected]


“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt



These are the specific reasons why our business is better than the competition.

  1. We have a  unique online opportunity for self improvement.
  2. An avenue to learn and earn extra money legally.
  3. You can make  $88.2 – $756 extra income every month?
  4. This  is a simple yet effective business model with your needs in mind.
  5. Winvest Kapital Network is a trusted brand with an agenda of  unearthing the dormant abilities of the youth.
  6. The network shares meaning lessons from top notch inspirational speakers and writers across the globe.
  7. You only pay $21 or its local currency equivalent to participate in the monthly training as a level 1 member
  8. We use referral marketing however you are permitted to refer a maximum  of 6 people from your network.
  9. We give you a commission of 70% of the revenues we make from your referrals.
  10. We give you an opportunity to contribute to society by deducting 3% from your earnings to help the vulnerable in society.
  11. Upon the successful registration of your prospects, we reward you for being a good marketer by sharing our revenue with you.
  12. Winvest is so generous to be giving you  70% of its revenue, we only keep 30% of our revenues.
  13. This opportunity is very rare  yet reliable and sustainable.
  14. At Winvest Kapital Network we are graced with the most rewarding referral marketing on the continent of Africa.