Payment Systems

Our payment systems

We can receive and make  payments through our able partners. All payments will be made through your personal mobile phones/visa cards/master cards and bank accounts. Ensure your phone is duly registered to receive payments.

Our target market is the youth on  the African Continent. We zero in on poor and developing countries with  smartphone penetration. We want every participant to get paid using our network.


Here are your payment options

  1. MTN MOMO/VODAFONE/, all networks in Ghana.
  2. Paystack(for all customers beyond Africa)
  3. Nsano/voyager

You are responsible for all charges on your payments to our network. Challenges regarding payments must be channeled to Team Winvest –

All customers who do not reside in Ghana must make available their bank details  in order to receive bank transfers whenever their commissions are to be paid.