Our Training

You will be given the topics to be covered for the training on a monthly basis. We use videos/audios/ write ups, assessment forms and other materials to train you on personal development and financial literacy.

Our training will be in lessons. There are four lessons every month. Our first four lessons are;

# lesson 1: Take 100% responsibility of your life

# lesson 2: Self Assessment

# lesson 3: Become financially literate

# lesson 4: 3 Ways of making money



You will answer multiple choice questions based on the lessons you have learned. This is optional. You are not obliged to answer any question at all however we encourage everyone to take part in our assessment program as a way of measuring the knowledge you have acquired.

There are 4 lessons in one month. The lessons will be presented using audio, video, and regular write-ups. Videos will be made available on a weekly basis.

You can request for a certificate of participation whenever you take 12 lessons that will be after three months of signing up.

However you must write and pass an objective test to qualify for the certificate. The certificate will be a soft copy bearing your name.

You will also be added to our private facebook page as a member of our network for onward discussions.



We shall organise periodic conferences for our members and general public annually. Successful business men and women will be given the platform to share their success stories.

All members of our network are encouraged to participate fully in all physical conferences that will be organised.

Members who are very distant from our conference locations will join us online through our paid platforms which will be made available.


Objectives of our conferences:

  • Create a network of lifelong learners
  • To socialise and share the success stories and pitfalls emanating from our business model.
  • Learn from the  expertise of accomplished men and women
  • Address challenges through a Q&A session.