Goals For Our Training Program

  • Inspire members to develop their potential
  • Make all members life-long learners
  • Pay our trainees for marketing our services
  • Leverage on trusted friends for your network to improve and make money in the process
  • Make all our members’ financial literates
  • Teach members about strategic investment
  • Teach members about personal development

Topics For  Training

You will be given the topics that we intend to cover for the period of training after registration.

Our training will be in lessons. You can apply for a certificate whenever you take 12 lessons.

However you must write and pass an objective test to qualify for the certificate.

Manual For Training

You will be given a training manual and reading list so you can start a personal reading program to improve upon your life.

Assessment Will Be Done Using  Google Classroom

You will answer multiple choice questions based on the lessons you have learned. This is optional. You are not obliged to answer any question at all however we encourage everyone to take part in our assessment program as a way of measuring the knowledge you have acquired.

There will be 12 lessons in one month. The lessons will be presented using audio, video, and regular write-ups. Videos will be made available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We will explore the use of virtual classrooms but we are starting with a group platform on Whatsapp as well as our forum on our app and web application.


If you want a certificate, you will pay 50cedis for a soft copy of our certificate after successfully completing our training program. You must study 12 lessons before you can apply for a certificate. You must pass our exams on google classroom by getting 40%.