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Our  Welcome Address

Did you know that you are a gift to this world?? Did you know that you were born into abundance and that poverty is a choice? It must be admitted though that many people suffer from the negative effects of inequality. Having said that, there are numerous testimonies of successful people who started from zero and today they are heroes and heroines in their field of endeavor. You must have a genuine reason to be unsuccessful. Almost everything you have ever wanted is within your reach.

There is greatness in you already! Our ultimate goal is to help you unleash that greatness sleeping within you. The ‘giant’ in you must be awakened . We will achieve our goal if you keenly follow our lessons on two fronts

  • personal development and
  • financial literacy.

These lessons have been drawn from some of the finest books ever written in the history of self improvement. Books from the likes of Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy, George Carson, Robert Kiyosaki. The list is actually endless.

We have attached an affiliate marketing program(referrals) to create an avenue for you to learn, market our services and make some money in the process. This program is the most rewarding, sustainable and practicable compensation plan that puts you in the centre of our program.


As you learn and shift your paradigm for the better, be ready to market our services to your friends in particular. Make it a point to understand our mission and we know that you will never be disappointed. One of our goals is to get you to join our network of great minds. Once you are open minded, willing to learn and ready to take action on our lessons, your success is guaranteed.  We want to create a force field of young folks with a burning desire to identify and fulfill our purpose and influence our nation.

You can join us to make the world a better place in your own small way by contributing to the course of our foundation(Odumanye Foundation). We intend to raid the streets of many mentally challenged people, help physically challenged people to get skills, and finally help business start ups through funding and coaching. 35% of the company’s profits is dedicated to this god-given mandate.


Your life, relationship with God, family and friends will improve as you journey on this path of discovery and action orientation.



CEO – Winvest Kapital Network.